As a child,  I was always involved in some type of sport.  My favorite was softball because I liked being part of a team and working together to reach the goal – winning!  Later I began running on my middle school track team and experienced the thrill of setting my own personal goals and being able to reach or surpass them.  Throughout college I played on various intramural teams and performed on the dance team. I graduated, married, and had four children.  During that time I remained the same size but my body composition changed.  I wasn’t working out or even in shape. I had lost lean muscle tissue and no longer felt strong or “muscularly solid”. It wasn’t until I hit 30 that I realized I missed feeling energized and toned so I began running and working out in my home.  I immediately began to see results that reminded me of my earlier years.  Once results were seen, my passion for health and fitness were rekindled.

In the last 14 years I have set many personal goals with training and competing.  Personally, I love to put in the training time but the thrill comes when I cross the finish line.  Focusing on myself was fine for a while but I became more motivated helping other people set and reach their fitness goals.  I began teaching classes at the gym and eventually became a personal trainer so that I could have that “one on one” type training relationship. It’s amazing watching my clients become stronger, leaner and more confident in themselves.

Realizing I was unable to meet the client’s needs nutritionally, I began searching for a program that would help people learn how to eat correctly by following the ADA (American Dietetic Association) and the AHA’s (American Heart Association) recommendations.  Knowing that if the client ate correctly then the loss of weight and body fat would occur. Transitions Lifestyle System®  (TLS) was the program that met all my criteria for correct, safe and healthy eating. I partnered with TLS and now I have the privilege of watching people work hard to make lifestyle changes while losing unwanted pounds and fat and increasing lean muscle.

Eventually my youthful desires of competition aligned with my personal training desires and I decided why not have my clients work together to meet all their fitness and nutritional goals?  Because of this, I became the owner of Boot Camp Challenge® (BCC).  BCC is a group personal training program that guarantees results and attracts anyone looking to shape up, change their body or just challenge their fitness level.  BCC incorporates all the tools needed for success; nutritional guidance, beginning and ending assessments, exercise instruction and motivation!  You will see proven results in the improvement in quality of life, decrease in body fat, decrease in inches, increase in strength & endurance, increase in knowledge of proper eating & self empowerment.  I feel like with BCC I am offering the best to my clients who want results, enjoy camaraderie and who like to get the most out of their investment.

Throughout the years my training styles have expanded; however, my philosophy has never changed – set a goal and then train and obtain that goal. Once that goal is met set another goal!    This is a training philosophy that you can apply to any area of your life.