BCC Testimonials

“I love the Boot Camp Challenge classes! The workouts are fun, challenging and never the same. I really like that everyone can work at their own fitness level within the workout. Beth has created a very supportive environment and I appreciate the encouragement she gives. She is extremely knowledgable and has taught me to focus on proper form and proper nutrition to fuel the body. With her help I have gotten results that have exceeded my expectations and goals I set for myself. My fitness level has increased, I am getting stronger and the extra weight is gone!
Thank you Beth!

Jami B

“I was intimidated to try boot camp thinking it was only for super fit strong women. I have found that it is very doable for me. Everyone is at different levels and Beth makes accommodations for whatever your personal limitations are. I am down a few pounds but have seen major shape changes in my body. Well worth the investment in yourself.

Gretchen C

“My daughter and I have been doing Boot Camp for several years. It is the best way to be consistent with exercise that I have found. Great workouts, lots of variety, encouraging friends, and an incredible trainer.

D Harbin

“I have been with Beth at Boot Camp for 2 years and it has become the favorite part of my week. I worked out by myself at the gym for years- I wasn’t a group fitness person. After an injury and takingtime off from the gym, I went to boot camp with a neighbor. It was great! Beth was able to modify the exercises until I healed and became stronger. She encouraged me to improve my diet in order to get theresults I desired. She is always giving healthy versions of meals to try.The girls in my 5AM class have become good friends and I know I work out harder now than I ever didby myself. Plus we laugh a lot and that is so important at 5AM!I love working out with Beth so much that I have my daughter doing personal training with her once a week. I give her 4 stars!

Stacy P

“Boot Camp has changed my life. I started bcc in my mid 40’s with NO prior exercise history. I was happy to realize that I could start at my own level and even modify some of the movements since I have neck issues. After the first 3 weeks I was able to half my blood pressure med’s and after 6 weeks my doc took me off the med’s altogether. I’ve learned so much from Beth and have grown to love her! She truly cares about each person! Some days are harder than other’s but as a group we always laugh through it and encourage one another. This is the BEST thing I’ve ever done for my health! I thank God for Beth Redmond and my Boot Camp friends!

M Doris

“BCC is great because it offers high accountability. I have been involved for over 2 years and I have consistently rolled out of bed and exercised three times a week. I have lost weight, I am stronger physically, and I have tons of energy. Everyone in the group is at different fitness levels and stages of life, but we all encourage each other and have fun. Beth is a fantastic coach who is constantly changing up the workout to keep it interesting.”