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Be a doer!! If you are ready to make a change, you want to do it in the most effective way possible, and desire lasting results, contact me for a complimentary consultation. By making your health a priority, not only will you feel better now but you’ll have a healthier life later.


“I’m 31 pounds lighter and feel much healthier and committed to losing the other 30 pounds!  The 12 weeks of Transitions along with Beth’s personal training, motivation and encouragement really made a huge difference for me!! (I’ve tried pretty much every diet out there….this time I am “Transitioning”. I’m not one to push myself too hard but Beth managed to do that and I still like her!!  The Transitions Program is sound and really opens your eyes to things you’ve read before and new things but puts it in a way that helps you really understand what food, stress, family, friends etc is doing to our bodies!  II will continue to recommend Beth and her Transitions Classes to any of my friends who are looking to change their lifestyle!! ”

K. Norton

“Beth has been instrumental in keeping me motivated in maximizing my results with the Transitions Lifestyle System.  Daily emails and encouragement from her make this training process not just a workout, but a life changing experience.  Each week, we meet in a group setting and watch a Transitions DVD.  Additionally, Beth designs a mega-workout which includes cardio, upper and lower body toning, and abs appropriate for that week that drives the group to peak performance. Beth’s commitment to me as her client has been exceptional.”


“Beth is an amazing personal trainer.  She truly believes in making a difference in her client’s lives.  Working with her has really changed my body and my life.  She has a ton of exciting training ideas that will push you and bring great results.  Every session has been increasingly difficult and never the same style.  She also brings a great nutrition program – Transitions Lifestyle System.  Beth’s combination of the training and the proper nutrition along with constant feedback, support and encouragement have helped me lose a lot of weight and get fit.”

A. Ewers